Dr. Michael Hilton MEDICAL DOCTOR

Join Dr. Hilton on this enriching journey as he shares his insights, experiences, and passion for guitars. Together, let’s explore the captivating intersection of health and music in the world of guitar.

About Dr. Michael Hilton

Dr. Michael Hilton isn’t your conventional guitar enthusiast. His voyage into the realm of guitars weaves together a unique tapestry, uniting his fervor for this melodic craft with his distinguished medical career. With an unwavering love for the instrument and a commitment to excellence in healthcare, Dr. Hilton brings a multifaceted perspective to the world of music.

A graduate of Columbia University, Dr. Hilton embarked on his academic journey in 2005, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. However, it was his pursuit of higher education that charted his distinctive path. In 2009, he achieved a significant milestone by obtaining his Doctorate degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, marking the commencement of his illustrious career in medicine.

Dr. Hilton’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and his dedication to public health led him back to the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health, where he earned a Master’s degree in 2014. This academic achievement expanded his horizons and laid the foundation for his holistic approach to guitars, music, and life.

Emergency Medicine became the focal point of Dr. Hilton’s career during his residency at the University of Pittsburgh. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier healthcare in critical situations earned him certification by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. With over a decade of experience, he brings a wealth of medical knowledge and expertise to the field.

Throughout his career, Dr. Hilton has held several influential positions, including serving as the Medical Director for Sollis Health and as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the prestigious Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York. These roles not only enriched his professional portfolio but also provided him with a unique perspective on health in the context of music.

Beyond his formal education and professional accomplishments, Dr. Hilton is renowned for his unwavering commitment to staying current in his field. He is a regular attendee at training courses and seminars conducted by respected organizations such as the American Heart Association, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, and the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicians.

Dr. Hilton’s exceptional blend of medical expertise and his love for guitars converge here at MichaelHiltonMD.net. Through this platform, he extends an invitation to explore the intricate connections between health, music, and the world of guitars. Discover how these two worlds harmonize and gain a deeper appreciation for the role of medicine in music.